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It does not cover the details of the actual server. Such configuration details are outside the scope of this.

The main reason is if you have systems with Image J installed that are behind a firewall with blocked internet access.

If you have a locally modified version of the dependency (i.e.

the Updater does not know that particular version), the Updater will ask you what to do: A typical scenario when you can have a locally modified version of a component is when you asked the respective plugin author for a change in a certain component and got a test version that you installed manually.

We also create a system user to do all of this and limit this ssh key for this function.

$ ssh-keyscan -t rsa code.| sudo -u fiji_mirror_sync tee -a /home/fiji_mirror_sync/.ssh/known_hosts $ sudo -u fiji_mirror_sync ssh imagej ssh-keyscan -t rsa | sudo -u fiji_mirror_sync tee -a /home/fiji_mirror_sync/.ssh/known_hosts Once the mirrors get populated, you can start using them on your Image J installations.

URLs for the new mirrors can be added with: The original updater was written in a frantic week in October 2008 in preparation for the first public Fiji release, to be able to keep Fiji up-to-date.

The purpose of the Image J Updater is to keep you up-to-date with all components of Image J (or Fiji), i.e.

the macros, scripts, plugins and the core components (libraries) needed by the plugins.

You can also set up and populate your own update site.

It is possible to drive the Updater through the command-line option --update.

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