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Cherokee County Sheriffs List of past sheriffs in Cherokee County, Texas 1846 to present day. Lamar County 1840-1940 Features a list of officials who served in Lamar County, TX including law enforcement officers and sheriffs.Clay County, TX Early County Officials Features lists of early officials of Clay County which includes Sheriffs who served from 1861 to 1901. Madison County Past Sheriffs Provides a list of past sheriffs of Madison County from 1854 to 1996.Gray county Former Sheriffs Includes photos and facts about the former sheriffs of Gray County, Texas 1902 to present along with pictures of the old county jail and sheriff's office. Nueces County Sheriffs History Lists past sheriffs 1847 to current.Gregg County Sheriffs List begins with the first sheriff of Gregg County in 1873 through the year 1996. Rodgers 1844-1846 John Fitzgerald 1846-1850 David Russell 1850-1853 James B. Parker County Sheriffs Lists all sheriffs 1856 though 1988 who served in Parker County, Texas.

Using the following directory, you will locate lists of former sheriffs along with photographs, biographies, county jail histories, county sheriff office history and other documents dating back as far as the 1600's. Blount County Sheriff's Office Story Features a brief history, with some photos and information about some early law enforcements officers in the Blount County, TN Sheriff's Office.

Carter County, TN - Early County Officials This list of Early County Officials in Carter County, TN includes a list of past Sheriffs of Carter County for years 1796-1899.

Chattanooga Police Department History A well done and in-depth look at the history of the Chattanooga police department includes information about past marshals, police chiefs and other law enforcement officials along with historic photos and artifacts.

El Paso, Texas Sheriffs List of past sheriffs in El Paso, TX 1852-2001. Menard County Past Office Holders Includes lists of all past county officials including past county sheriffs, clerks, attorneys, judges, justices and treasurers.

Includes a history of the El Paso Sheriff's Office. Midland County Sheriff's History and Past Sheriffs Features a brief history detailing the office of sheriff along with photos and names of past sheriffs of the Midland County Sheriff's Office.

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