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It went with that and now we can all move on with the rest of our lives. That's how I saw it."Something that fans can all agree on is that the final shot of the finale, with Cappie and Casey driving off into the sunset* together (*to Washington, D.

' I did choir in high school, but I didn't sing professionally anywhere ever.The episode was filled with happing endings (Cappie graduated! ), and hope for the future (Cappie and Casey are moving to D. Plus, he gave us an update on where Cappie is today! somewhere, living in an apartment, while she's trying to become…what was she doing? Even though we still cry when we think about the KT house getting knocked down (we'll never forgive you, Lasker Parkes), Foster thinks it was the right way to end the show."We had four years, so I think we had a good run," Foster says. I think having it end the way it ended was sad but all good things must come to an end. In the season premiere, we see a softer side right out of the gate, as Nathaniel finds excuses to see more of Rebecca Bunch, who is laser-focused not on her boss, but on getting revenge against Josh Chan, who left her at the altar in last season's finale.Nathaniel's icy exterior and narcissistic tendencies aren't disappearing entirely, his life will just be getting more complicated -- and set to music."It's really fantastic to be part of a show where no one has an ulterior motive or agenda.You're just there to do the work, and everyone gets along with each other and everyone's happy to be there.returns for season three on Friday, there will be a lot more revenge -- but also a whole lot more Scott Michael Foster.The 32-year-old actor was bumped up to a series regular this season, which means we'll be seeing more of what makes his character, Nathaniel Plimpton III, tick and even unravel.This is the most professional singing I've ever done, so it's definitely intimidating, but at the same time it's incredibly fun. Everyone's a team player who wants everyone to succeed."In fact, the Texas native says that even though he was a late addition to the crew, he felt at home immediately."Honestly, this cast has been one of the most inclusive and accepting.Straight out of the gate, we were hanging out outside of work," he revealed.

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