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In 1996, the Sultan issued "The Basic Law of the Sultanate of Oman" to serve as a form of written constitution.

This document gives the Omani people their basic civil liberties as well as guaranteeing equality and protection under the law.

Don’t waste your precious time sifting through travel websites, visit Jetcost today and let us do it for you.The program is supposed to be implemented from 2010 to 2013.After this first stage of universal education was established, the Ministry of Education implemented measures to improve the quality of education.Booking your Salalah flight is just few clicks away.Find the cheapest prices and the best fares for your Salalah holidays on uk.In the past the College of Engineering at Sultan Qaboos University banned the entrance of female students, claiming that the "outdoor setting" of engineering field work was not gender appropriate.Though students protested, many women had to transfer to other institutions; this has changed and even females are allowed to be in it.In 2002, universal suffrage was granted to all Omanis over the age of 21.Sultan Qaboos also recently signed the Decent Work Country Programme, a service dedicated to increase job opportunities for women as well as stand for justice, equality, and freedom.Search and compare prices for Salalah hotels and car rentals Salalah.There’s a really smart place to start when you’re thinking of booking a flight to Salalah. It will search and compare all the websites with cheap offers for flight ticket deals to Salalah and once you have made your choice, you just click through to the carrier’s website and order your tickets directly with them.

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