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The rabbi is referring to Colby, a former contestant on the reality show Survivor, but Larry believes the rabbi is referring to a Holocaust survivor.As a result, Larry tells his father to invite his friend, Solly, who spent time in a concentration camp during the Holocaust.And it's not a character devised in some writer's room—Leon Black comes right out of Smoove's mind, as (JB Smoove gets an as-told-to credit inside the book cover).It's an advice book full of Leon's own "good-bad" advice, as Smoove calls it, full of gems like finding the right bed for sex and the difference between the pee-pee and the johnson. The character is hyper-confident, undeniably chill, and constantly running his mouth.He'd be obnoxious and crass if he weren't so damn lovable.Go and watch it asap as I really do think it is the funniest thing on television (after Peep Show! In other shows, I would say no way, don’t even joke about that.

Regardless, some of these incidents resulted in incredibly offensive, yet hilarious moments for our favorite misanthropic bald guy.

Curb Your Enthusiasm recently returned to the US after a 2 year gap, and was finally shown here in the UK on E4 last week (the second episode is on tonight.) I was unsure whether to review the show, due to comedy being so subjective. I will review the first episode now and then try and review tonight’s episode as soon as possible.

For those of you out of the loop, Curb Your Enthusiasm is a comedy show, fully improvised, based around the fictitious life of Seinfeld creator Larry David.

You an old motherfucker, too." Then when we got on set I said I’m gonna hit his ass with the lampin. You gonna have that johnson for a long period of time. Your johnson is the pinnacle of what you are to become in your life. It’s all about how you conduct yourself after you graduate from the pee-pee and before you become the pee-pee again. I wanted to make sure the reader had that good-bad advice that he gives Larry.

When I said that shit to him, his whole lip turned up a little bit. Then I told him the difference between chillin' and lampin. You gotta know how to move and shake with that motherfucker. When you turn into an old motherfucker, it’s gonna turn back into a pee-pee again. I always say about Leon: He ain’t wrong, he just ain’t right. I always feel like you should know his mannerisms, you should know how he walks in a room, you need to know everything about that character before that character opens his mouth.

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