Generating list of changesets and updating work items

My goal here is to inform an work item id, and then use scmtools to "download" all files that were modified and delivered to a changeset associated with the WI.I don't need to check-in or deliver the files back, I just want to download to run a third-party script using those files. TFS processes git commits for work item association asynchronously, so it could potentially take a short moment before the association is done.Excel has always been a great tool for updating multiple work items in TFS.

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Without this, we would have to rely on check-in comments from the developers to understand the reason for a particular change, not always easy when you look at changes that were done a few years back!Starting 4.0.6, a new --workitems option was added to the "list changesets" command to list the change sets associated with the workitem.You can also list the change sets of dependent workitems associated that workitem by specifying the --include-child-workitems option.From a project management perspective, you can use work items to provide metrics about the status of your project.Each work item type has a state transition model that defines the states a work item can be in and the actions to move the work item throughout states.But, we can update multiple work items in TFS web access as well.These features have gradually been added to Visual Studio Online and is now part of TFS 2015 as well.The primary mechanism for finding work items is the query.To get started, you can use predefined queries, such as a query that returns all unresolved work items assigned to you.But over the years the web access in TFS has become so much better so that most people do all their work related to work item management there.And unfortunately, it is not possible to export work item queries to Excel as easily from the web as it is from Visual Studio.

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