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Now that we either have the original signature of the machine because we were able to generate one at a distance or using a default signature that we created from the same USB installation key, we are able to generate a package of updates for those machines and send it over with the USB update disk for our appliance.

The problem i have is that Puppet also has packages to install.

The only requirement for this is that your Ubuntu need to be installed with To update your Ubuntu machine, there are 3 steps that you need to do: This apt signature file contains all the information required to search and download the packages from their sources.

To generate a sig file, open a terminal and type: Once the “apt.sig” file is generated, copy it to your USB drive and bring the USB drive to your office/school PC (or any PC that is connected to the Web).

Now, what if your Ubuntu computer is not connected to the Internet?These packages won't be packaged by apt-offline when i do a "apt-offline get" because the signature indicates their are up to date.What is the easiest way to update/upgrade an offline Ubuntu machine with the help of a Windows machine that has internet access?You might just want to try an alternative program to one which is already installed. This section covers the basic concepts of packages and package management.You will learn about what a package is, the differences between different types of package and also how package management works on Ubuntu.By default, many useful programs are already installed when you put Ubuntu onto your computer.However, you may need a particular piece of software that serves a purpose not served by the default applications.Well, different computers use different types of binary, so if you make a binary package for one type (like an Intel PC), it won't work on another (like a Power PC). Ubuntu supports the x86 (i386 or i686), AMD64 and PPC architectures.The correct binary packages will be used automatically, so you don't have to worry about picking the right ones.While I was still not able to update/upgrade the offline system due to authentication errors, I accepted an answer, because it's taking too long.A simple but tiresome solution would be to download the packages you need to the windows machine and then transfer them with some storage-media (usb thumbdrive, cd or something) to the linux machine.

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