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Conceptual cover art notwithstanding, the Domino’s bot is nowhere near feasible. When tech experts who aren’t roboticists ignore all of the inconvenient barriers to the development and deployment of robots, from manufacturing costs to legal and political considerations, the machines are always a decade or so from invading a given profession.In 2004, for example, computer programmer and How Stuff founder Marshall Brain predicted that airline pilots would be out of work by 2015.Humanoid bots have been in development since the 1970s, and yet the very best, most sophisticated two-legged specimens in the world, the systems that excelled at the DARPA Robotics Competition last December, take minutes to awkwardly lumber across rubble, manipulate power tools, and fumble through other tasks that that your average pizza-delivering teenager could master in seconds.

The best example is from Giga OM Research’s lead researcher Stowe Boyd.

A number of respondents in the Pew Center’s report casually mention the impact of self-driving cars on blue-collar jobs, such as taxi and truck drivers. As of 2013, the average age of a car or light truck on the road in the U. Everyone involved will have to move with historic speed and vision, as automakers immediately churn out commercial models with painfully high price tags (all those sensors and drive-by-wire systems in Google's robotic Priuses cost nearly 0,000), politicians fast-track legislation that lifts restrictions on robo-cars and trucks, and shipping and taxi companies beg and borrow their way through massive fleet turnovers.

Believe me, I would love for the world to be brimming with robots a decade from now. Machines take time, and robots, in general, take longest of all.

Food will be raised by robotic vehicles, even in small plot urban farms that will become the norm, since so many people will have lost their jobs to 'bots.

Your X-rays will be reviewed by a battery of Watson-grade AIs, and humans will only be pulled in when the machines disagree.

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