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In the US it is marketed under the "Dutch Dawg" and "Freakandel" brands.

Sometimes the sausage is served on a bun and is then called a broodje frikandel.

The record for most frikandellen consumed in one hour was set in 2005 by Sjonnie Noordeinde of Delft, consuming 47 sausages of 80 grams each.

In many other countries, including South Africa, Denmark and Germany, frikadel or Frikadelle (not to be confused with frikandel) is the local name of minced-meat meatballs or patties like those used in hamburgers.

Very popular is a frikandel served together with mayonnaise, curry ketchup and chopped raw onion: a frikandel speciaal.

The frikandel speciaal usually has a deep cut lengthwise through the middle to provide room for the chopped onions and the sauces.

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