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It is common to hear 'Age is just a number.', but there aren't many online sites where that concept is put into practice.

Or rather, there haven't been many sites in the past.

"It was a nice position in the family," Fisher says.

"There were times when I understood his kids better than he did and I was able to work between them." "It just changes how you have to operate as a couple," Luster says.

If a woman is older, she may not want, or be able, to have kids. This doesn't have to be a deal breaker, but it's wise to address it early on in the relationship.

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Is it defined by social standards, or by the individuals involved?Age Match Some people mature faster than others emotionally..prefer to date someone older.And it is not uncommon for many people to enjoy dating those at least a little bit younger than they are.But the timeline is different for May-December couples.A big age gap puts the health discussion on a faster track, because those issues may become reality sooner than they would for a younger couple.For some people, age can bring changes in their sex drive or sexual performance.This is one of the things most people don't like to talk about, but it doesn't hurt to talk about it.For instance, they may say stereotypical things about "cougars," if the woman is the older partner, or "trophy wives," if the man is the older partner."This certainly is one of many kinds of pairings that may look odd to others, but when you start to know them it makes sense," says Rebecca Sears, LPC, a couple's counselor at The Imago Center of DC in Washington, D. "There is something about every couple that makes sense once you get to know them." The trick is to help others understand why you "make sense." Some tactics Sears recommends are: For May-December couples, having children can be an issue."Just because you don't think you will ever have erectile dysfunction doesn't mean you will never have it -- even if you are the most potent man alive," Luster says. Look for a solution, talk openly about it, and get help, if you need it.And stick with it; it may take some time to work things out, Luster says.

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