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Translation templates are translation files that contain only the source text (original text).

These files are used as a template to create target files for each language.

PO file includes the original texts and the translations in two columns. A box will pop up asking for language of the translation. Hit OK and Poedit will name automatically your file. The space at the top will display all the text ready to translate, and any completed translations will display to the right. You´ll have to upload both to your theme’s languages folder.

Now you can start translating your theme or your plugin.

The complete process can be described in following steps: Each project can have a push URL configured and in that case Weblate offers a button in the web interface to push changes to the remote repository.

If you want to know how to translate your content, you can read this COMPLETE GUIDE. The master theme (or plugin) translation file is a . POT file, which contains a list of all the original texts, which need translation. POT file is put at your disposal by the plugin or theme developer and it’s used as a starting point to create new translations. Examples: Sometimes language folder is called lang (not language) and sometimes . You can check out here to find your language and country codes. MO file includes the exact same contents as PO file. While a PO file is easy for humans to read, MO files are compiled and are easy for computers to read. Download Poedit This program has a Pro version that enhances Poedit with additional features and benefits such as dedicated Word Press support, Word Count, etc. Features: Download Loco Translate (EDIT: this plugin has disappeared) Another popular option is Codestyling Localization plugin. Codestyling Localization plugin detects the gettext ready components like Word Press itself or any plugin or theme supporting gettext.

This is the safest way in case you also access the underlying repository by other means.

In case you don’t need this, you can enable rebasing of changes on upstream, which will produce history with fewer merge commits.

for merge (this is by default allowed for Managers group, see .

Their naming quite clearly tells when a particular script is executed.

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