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"She came and stayed with us for a week the following year and up until 2000 she stayed with us four times," Dorothy said.

"There was full contact all the time." She said the relationship between father and daughter began in 2000 when Mr Deaves made a business trip to Dubbo Zoo, which had been paid for by Jennifer who met him there.

Who loves who more is a never-ending argument—but is it even possible to figure out? It was simply important to share something special with her mother, exactly how it should be.

There's something so elegant about these matching tattoos on Ashely C and her mother.

This matching tattoo idea from Jasmine P demonstrates a mother's support perfectly.

Lori Lakay and her daughter took their mother and daughter tattoos to the next level. Instead of getting their tats in the same place, she and her daughter chose a special place on their finger and toe—proving you don't have to match 100 percent to be two peas in a pod. But Jessica Lynn and her mother made the best of it by sharing their journey and support.

If you grew up singing about making each other happy when skies are gray, then this might be the perfect tattoo for you two.Especially if you can make the tattoos like they did at Fat Brothers Tattoo.These matching tattoos from Alicia Baker are perfect for the mother and daughters separated by distance.Her eldest daughter, Mia, 11, got on the train and then as Jen went to get on with her two other daughters, the doors closed.Mrs Chohan said: “I pushed the ‘open door’ button repeatedly, as did my daughter on the other side of the door. “I will never forgot the look of terror on my daughter’s face when that moment happened.Not only did they put each other's birth dates in Roman Numerals, but they also used each other's handwriting. These awesome matching breast cancer tattoos show us all just what it means to be a survivor.Scorpios and Virgos don't seem like they'd make a great pair, but when you mix the fiery passion with unending dedication you get a mother-daughter bond (and tattoo) that must have been written in the stars."His youngest daughter [from his second marriage] didn't even know they were together and she is really traumatised - she is hurting terrible," Dorothy said.A nine-member jury in the northwestern region of Galicia on October 30th unanimously found the pair guilty of killing their daughter, Asunta Yong Fang Basterra Porto, after one of the most closely followed criminal trials in Spain in recent years.A mother has spoken of her despair after her daughter was left on a train by herself, and is looking for the person who looked after her child.Jen Chohan, 31, from Grays, was at Grays train station ready to take a trip to Southend with her three daughters.

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