Updating rowguidcol error

This post contains abbreviated updated FILESTREAM coverage that I’ll be adding to Tallan’s new book (to be published, hopefully, shortly after the first quarter of 2012).If you’re not already familiar with FILESTREAM, you can get the necessary background by reading these two articles: Introducing FILESTREAM and Enabling and Using FILESTREAM.This provides you with a streaming “tunnel” between your application and SQL Server’s internally-managed file system.Using will give your application lightning-fast BLOB performance. Before getting started, be sure that FILESTREAM is enabled for remote file system access at both the Windows Service and SQL Server instance levels (as explained in Enabling and Using FILESTREAM).MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\DATA\Musicdblog.ldf') ; GO --Create a table USE Musicdb GO CREATE TABLE tbl_music ( [ID] uniqueidentifier not null rowguidcol constraint PK_music primary key clustered, [Music_files] varbinary(max) filestream ) --OUTPUT Resolution: If you look at the error, it says that there is no default filestream in the filegroup but there is a possibility that even filestream is not available in the filegroup. Step 1 : In this step, lets check in the Musicdb database if filestream is available in the filegroup or NOT.

So just like the new row, the new file will disappear if the database transaction does not commit successfully.

If you have a column name that is also a function name (like STR or TRIM) you should also bracket the column.

In addition the SQL-2003 specification has a different set of reserved keywords.

error today, while I was working on a table using filestream.

This error message is part of SQL Server since 2005 version.

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