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These are the four warning signals you're your relationship has gone beyond the point of no return.__Erin: What's the # 1 thing couples don't do but should?__Trina: Communicate in a way that gets completely understood.But guys usually have more of a problem with intimacy and will act toolishly to avoid it. Does he bring along his best friend or a family member?To see what I mean, next time an event associated with intimacy approaches, like a birthday or anniversary, make a mental note to watch how he acts. All his bravado is really just protective armor so that no one will discover the loser he secretly believes himself to be.Does he constantly and irrationally criticize everything you do?Does he absolutely refuse to talk about the problems in the relationship, and when you do bring them up, does he go on the defensive?For someone like me, with no brothers and no awareness of the concept of manhood, it was enlightening. Erin: Why do guys worry so much about losing their individuality?Trina: To understand why guys get so freaked about perceived threats to their individuality is to simply swap the word individuality' with manhood.' The origin of this confusion goes back to childhood because young boys have to expend a lot of psychic energy breaking away from their mother's affections so they can successfully inhabit their identity as a man.

It does, however, continue to present its challenges.

Underneath all the swagger and flamboyant self-assurance is often a person who is compensating for feelings of low self-esteem, insecurity and a fear of intimacy.

It's just a last ditch effort to boost their fragile ego.

Once you learn to recognize the signs and understand why your Tool is the way he is, you possess the key to unlocking a profound change in his behavior, transforming him from a perfect tool to a perfect partner.__Erin: How do you know when a relationship is too difficult (and you should get out)?

__Trina: Contrary to conventional wisdom, not all relationships can be saved.

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