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Before he could react, she approached him and kissed his lips. ” Suddenly, Michelle’s smile faded into a small frown. ” Luke sighed, shaking his head while she pushed her hands gently over his chest.As he looked back at her, he spoke up about another subject. “You told me you would get in contact with her, remember? “Oh yeah, I remember now but I’ve changed my mind.” “What?Once he was seated on the couch, Michelle situated herself right between his legs and was gazing into his face with her big blue eyes while she tucked her gigantic breasts over his long cock. Mmmmmmm, pump that big disco stick between ’em, ohhhhh yeah! ” Not once did Michelle break eye contact, still gazing up into his brown hues as she pumped her large tits up and down over his large fat cock. Michelle’s skills with using her breasts as weapons were on par with Lucy, but he would never compare them in the back of his mind. Once his cock was drained, she finally let go of her tits and wrapped the fingers of her right hand around it. ” Giving his rod a final kiss, Michelle got up from her knees while Luke remained laying there catching his breath.All it took was for Michelle to use her big tits like this and it was just enough to send him over the edge, unable to constrain his orgasm from erupting. Michelle resumed eye contact, only to stare him down while she kissed the head of what she had named his ‘disco stick’. She had a mess to clean up over her tits while he was coming back down to earth and taking a hit of reality with the situation of today.Last night he had spent the evening fucking Michelle and had forgot about calling Keeley Hazell for the meeting.Now it was the afternoon and yet again, Luke wasn’t sure if Michelle had made that phone call or not. We ain’t stopping until I’ve drained every last drop of cum from those thick balls of yours.” With words like that, it took everything in Luke not to find a new found erection.He had trouble growing feelings of her, as he seen her as just another friend with benefits.

When he looked back at her, he knew just what he was going to tell her in response. You don’t give a shit about her being stuck with some sleaze ball rich asshole like Nigel Taylor?

It isn’t worth losing your life.” Moving back towards him, Michelle gently ran her right hand over his chest while looking into his eyes. I wish we had met before you had met Lucy, cause then I wouldn’t be competing with a woman who isn’t even here right now.” Even though he had a few minutes to digest everything she was telling him, Luke still didn’t know what to think. He asked himself this question repeatedly throughout his mind.

“We can be together, I’ll love you and we can see how far this relationship takes us. He looked away from her face, glancing towards the ceiling as he let out a sigh.

Once Michelle had got what she wanted, it was time to switch positions and let Luke enjoy the one pleasure she knew he could never refuse, her giant milky white titties.

If only moans could come out as spoken words, they would’ve been talking up a storm just by breathing.

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  1. I like good hair." This is probably the one that irritates me the most. I digress.) I know how to cook, and I am known for being "everyone's cheerleader" (that is, supportive).

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