Shahid and priyanka dating 2016

Samia's parents were horrified by the break down of her first, arranged marriage, and explosive arguments left Samia feeling 'like a prisoner in her own home'.

Eventually, by May 2015, Samia made the decision to join her husband Muhktar in Dubai.

FEBRUARY 2012: Samia Shahid was 25 when her parents arranged for her to marry her cousin Shakeel in Pakistan.'He raised up a child all his life, loved and cared so much for the child, and finally he just decides that she’s no more his daughter - but a cow to go the market and sell.' In the wake of her death Samia's case was taken up by Bradford MP Naz Shah, who wrote to the Prime Minister of Pakistan describing the case as an honour killing.It's estimated that almost 1,000 women are murdered in Pakistan each year for violating conservative norms around love, marriage and public behaviour.'She got another phone call saying "what if your father dies? She was just out of control, she wanted to get to Pakistan to see her father,' he recalls.A police report issued in the wake of Samia's death indicates that Samia's mother Imtiaz and sister Madiha are accused of 'emotionally blackmailing' her into making the trip to Pakistan, and are wanted on suspicion of 'abetting the murder'.Samia's uncle told the BBC that her relatives deny all of the allegations.Grieving Mukhtar reveals on the show how his wife had been desperate for forgiveness from her family - who made no secret of their shame over the breakdown of her first, arranged marriage. ' he asks of the fateful decision to send Samia to Pakistan to marry her cousin.Samia had told her worried friends in the UK she intended to join her family in Pakistan, because she would never forgive herself if her father died. ''[Was I] going to face her for the rest of our lives knowing that her father was not well and I stopped her [from going] and something happened to him? [But] I stopped my car and said "you still have time".'She hugged me and said “nothing is going to happen to me, I still have time”.But one friend says Samia was worried by the lack of reassurances around the nature of the trip: 'It showed she feared for her life and she had no guarantees that she was going to come back.'Muhktar drove his wife to the airport after her sister sent her a plane ticket to Pakistan.'I was really upset about it,' he says. And that was the last time [I saw] her.' When her friends realised she had gone they were horrified.'It shocks me, she wasn’t a daft girl,' one says on the show.MAY 2014: Samia approached a local Imam to ask for a divorce under Sharia Law from her husband Shakeel - without her family's knowledge.SEPTEMBER 2014: Samia and Muhktar wed in a secret ceremony.

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