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I did lose a lot of time online because the network dropped and I could not log out.

In Trinidad, Iberostar showed excellent customer service and gave me my money back.

The hot chocolate in Iberostar, Trinidad is lovely though and the air con is desirable.

This rule is per card so if you buy two cards you are required to purchase two drinks. Hotel Sevilla charged 8 CUC / £5.23, don’t be a mug!

This article has links to products and services we love, which we may make commission from. Wi Fi access in Cuba differs to access in Europe / USA / most of the rest of the world because: There are now three ways to access internet and Wifi in Cuba.

During our three week trip (and the only trip I’ve never planned for, stupidly, I recommend buying the Lonely Planet Cuba guidebook), we logged on to the internet and Wi Fi in Cuba six times.

When we tried to use Iberostar in Havana we were told that the Wi Fi was playing up in the business centre. Type into the search bar (if it takes you to a Google search of ignore this and try again).

Don’t miss our checklist of things not to miss in Havana!

Wi Fi in Cuba hotels – Sevilla Accessibility is not only restricted to where you log on but the strength of the Wi Fi is not always great. Apparently it had been down for four days in Cienfuegos.

As of spring/summer 2017, visitors can now purchase a SIM card before they touchdown in Cuba and as long as they take an unlocked phone and have activated the Digicel Cuba SIM card, they can will access to 3G data to stay connected and show off to their friends back home!

For a thorough guide to roaming free from the shackles of the ETECSA queues check this article below. These hotels tend to sell the Nauta Wi Fi cards but you must buy a drink with it which makes the experience a tad more expensive.

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