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But if you’re one of the millions of guys trying their luck on a dating site or app that requires a headline, then read on. Your dating headline is one of the first things on your profile that sets you apart from the crowd of posers, six-pack-selfy-takers, nimrods, and lowlifes.

In fact, on some websites, it’s one of the first things a woman sees in her search results.

So you’ve signed up for a dating site like Plenty Of Fish, thought long and hard about your profile, and selected just the right pictures to demonstrate what a great catch you are.

Right,” “Searching for my Soulmate” and “Love like there’s no tomorrow” are lame dating headlines. Someone cool and masculine and maybe a little dangerous. You’re not going to get a woman to fall desperately in love with you using only a headline, but you can definitely intrigue her.

You’ll see smart ways to differentiate yourself with your headline in a bit.

The Sadsack Headline Please don’t represent yourself as a desperate loser burdened by years of baggage. The message you’re sending with headlines like these is that you’re unhappy, weighed down with tons of issues, and resigned to a sad fate of online dating.

The “Hmmm” Headline Use your headline space to start an interesting or outlandish-sounding story. Make her click over to your profile in hopes of knowing more.

If you want to seem intriguing or mysterious, try to create a sense of adventure and international hijinks around yourself.

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