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While you should be able to move along in the pairing process by either setting your phone to discoverable or having your phone search for devices, it may not work at first.This may be due to the time constraints, and one of the devices giving up before the other is ready to pair, so it's always a good idea to try a few times before throwing in the towel.This is the step where you'll need to know where your "set to discoverable" and "search for devices" options are on your phone.

In order to use your cellphone for hands-free calling, you'll need: The exact process of pairing a phone to a car audio system varies depending on the specific phone and the way the infotainment or audio system is set up.In order to successfully pair a cell phone to a car stereo, both the phone and the head unit must be Bluetooth compatible.Most infotainment systems offer Bluetooth connectivity, which allows for seamless handsfree calling.While you're going through the menus to make sure you have Bluetooth, you'll also want to make note of where the "make phone discoverable" and "search for devices" options are since you'll need those in a little while.Most phones will only remain discoverable for a couple of minutes, though, so you don't actually have to activate that yet.If your head unit or phone doesn't have Bluetooth, there are other ways to get Bluetooth in your car.Some vehicles have a button that you can press to start the pairing process, and others allow you to simply say a voice command, such as "pair Bluetooth." Others are a little more complicated, in that they require you to navigate through the infotainment system.Since you're dealing with a limited amount of time to complete this step, it's a good idea to already have your phone in the correct menu.The exact steps, however, will depend on how your head unit works.If the car is looking for your phone, you'll want to set your phone to "discoverable." This allows the car to ping your phone, find it, and pair up.If your car's head unit itself is set to "discoverable," then you'll need to have your phone "scan for devices." This will allow it to look for any devices (including your car audio system, wireless keyboards, and other Bluetooth peripherals) in the area that is available for connection.

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