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It is hard to predict what knowledge will be needed in the future, and what future jobs may evolve.

The couple, both aged 31, bought their first home - a two-bedroom former state house in Murphy St - in November last year "just before the housing madness"."We didn't decide explicitly to move to Toi Toi.

* Buying young: 'Just keep saving' * PM questioned over housing woes Toi Toi has the highest proportion of houses valued at under 0,000 (95.9 per cent) in Nelson, according to data from Core Logic.

Connor, a web designer and developer, said he liked that children had the freedom to roam and play and the neighbours were outgoing and welcoming."It's one of the only places where I've lived in Nelson where there are kids out playing on the road and cutting through each others' properties.

It felt like a bit of a time capsule in terms of the freedom that kids have in urban areas."He said Nile St, where he and Astill lived for a year before buying, was "nice and fancy, but also very static" whereas Toi Toi was "alive and open".

Astill, a mircoalgae analyst at Cawthron Institute, was warned against moving to Toi Toi, Connor said."Particularly Murphy St, which I understand had a reputation for being one of the most undesirable streets in Nelson."Toi Toi was deemed a lower socio-economic area, scoring an eight on the New Zealand deprivation index in 2013 where 10 indicates the most extreme deprivation.

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