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The interviewer then asked if he is usually the one to break up or be broken up with in a relationship.Lee Min Ho explained, “I think the line between breaking up with and being broken up with is a bit ambiguous. Just as all relationships begin by mutual agreement, I believe breaking up should also be done mutually.LOBTS was terribly boring, but his acting was actually interesting in that drama.I hope he picks up better projects and improves his acting, otherwise he might become a has-been.. He isn’t passing his medical tests in order to enlist in ACTIVE duty.Please look forward to Lee Min Ho inside the film.” During a recent interview, actor Lee Min Ho touched on the topics of dating and relationships.When asked if dating might be a way for him to relieve stress in his life, the actor responded, “That’s true.Actor Lee Min Ho will be starting up his military duties this May.

He thinks deeply about pieces, and he’s passionate above all.

‘Gangnam 1970’ is a film in which Lee Min Ho appears as a leading role for the first time.

It was a new challenge for him who only appeared in TV programs. Although my experience and filmography that build up like that are important, I cannot help thinking about the box-office hit.

She was Shin Yeon Hee, the head of Gangnam-gu Office. If you’re still curious of the film, please refer to the ‘piece’ interview.

She visited the place since she got curious about the film that had the background at Gangnam. Lee Min Ho, Jung Jin Young, and Kim Rae Won left the waiting room together. The heat inside the theatre was like the mood at the red carpet. We gathered pieces of his conversations that were shared at the waiting room, red carpet, and stage greeting.

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