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Guys shoes can make the difference between a go-home thumbs down or nod of approval from the security guard, so try to check out the club’s dress code policy before you step out.The Jewish dress code has always been influenced by the Torah from both a ritual and a general perspective, but most notably with an emphasis on modesty.Married Jewish women typically cover their hair as a sign that they are no longer single.Orthodox Jews train their girls from a very young age to dress modestly.Ladies will put in their best strike rate performance by avoiding too-short skirts and dresses.Wear practical jeans, trousers or shorts and carry out the ‘bend test’ at home first.

Wear something that isn’t going to require an emergency sewing repair every time you take to the alley. This is the time to really make an extra effort for your date – and their parents.Guys can’t beat a smart pair of jeans or chinos teamed with a crisp, freshly ironed shirt. Shine the shoes, wear a smile and always accessorise with a bunch of flowers for her mum.At the club Play down the Ibiza look and save the neon for Eighties fancy dress parties.Look for a statement necklace or pair of earrings to really dazzle him.When it comes to shoes (and if you know he isn’t lacking in the height department), go to town with towering heels as you’ll be sitting down for most of the night.“When it comes to dates, suspense is fun but if looking stylish is more important try to suss out the location so you can dress to impress,” she explains.Dinner date When you’re dressing for a slap-up meal, opt for newsreader style ie. Focus on your top half as your bottom half will be hidden under the table.Choose light pieces that are easy to pull on and take off.Ladies should avoid any clothing that might take off with a sudden breeze. Nobody likes a date who’s fussing that their outfit might get dirty, so that’s a firm no to Liz Hurley-esque white denim or any favourite items of clothing that prompt a boy/girl diva strop at the mere sight of a grass stain.Avoid man-made fabrics like polyester and nylon at all costs in hot and humid venues or you’ll be making all the wrong impressions with sweat patches.Leather may be catwalk-hot right now but too much of it and you’ll look like you’ve entered the wrong kind of club…

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  2. We require 100% of our clients to pass a background check and an in-person screening to ensure they’re honestly looking to build a meaningful relationship. We work hard to make your dating life easier and to set you up for success.