Dating too long before marriage

Each choice to follow and trust God’s leading in my life became a way for me to express love to Him.

God never changed my desire to marry my boyfriend as soon as possible. God let me see that dating for years was not necessarily bad and unhealthy. God used that experience, like no other, to redeem pain in my past, strengthen my love for Himself, and purify my love for my boyfriend.

Waiting one year was reasonable, and two years was commendable.

Beyond that, it looked suspicious and sad to date without an engagement ring.

More than 90 percent of participants said they felt less pressure to get married than their parents' generation.

Divorce rates will likely decline for the foreseeable future, too.

With that in mind, I thought we should begin discussing venue locations and cake flavors. Why would we choose to live separately when we could choose to live together?

But for my then-boyfriend, choosing to live apart for a time was a matter of responsibly stewarding the gift of our relationship.

Even after I finished college and could move closer to him, God provided me a career opportunity which required me to temporarily live in a city farther away.It's no secret that marriage traditions are changing.People are getting married later in life, spending more money on weddings, and, according to a new study, they're spending more time getting to know each other before tying the knot.He wanted not only to finish college, but also work in a good job before asking me to join his life as his bride.He believed our purity was possible, even when I cried in fear of failing such a daunting standard.They offered stories about getting engaged or married before finishing college or finding jobs.Comparing those stories to ours only hurt my sense of security in God’s plan for us."Marriages are becoming stronger than ever, relationships happier and more committed than ever, and couples more independent and consensual in their decisions than ever," Bridebook founder Hamish Shephard said. Written By Emily Hoosier, USA At my Christian college, I quickly learned that most Christian couples marry young.For grooms, they used to be around 24.6 years old, and now they are 32.7 years old.Over the last 50 years, the number of overall weddings has steadily declined, but that's changing now as well.

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