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There are thousands of genuine ukrainian singles who really are searching for love and romance on the net , and you should never let any bad experience put you off your searches.Right off the bat we were bombarded with chat requests from Asian women, that's the good news.The problem we have with the chat messages is that you really don't know who you're talking to.Yes, you see a photograph of an attractive looking Asian girl but is that who you're really talking to?It is important to also keep in mind that law enforcement, to include Army CID, will never agree not take legal action if you agree to pay (ransom) money to the alleged victim or to the alleged victim’s family.”Army CID agents said they can help if you find yourself in this type of predicament.“If you met someone online who later claims to be underage, you should immediately cease all communications with that person and notify Army CID,” Martin said.“If law enforcement gets involved early on, there are investigative steps that may help identify the perpetrators responsible for victimizing Army personnel.”Another way that the criminals attempt to extort money is to claim that they are a lawyer working on behalf of the alleged victim.“If you meet a person on a legitimate online dating site, there is very little chance that you are actually communicating with an underage person,” Martin said.“It is therefore very unlikely that you sent or received child pornography or provided your images or videos to a minor.

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As usual you can only send them a few lines and then you need to buy credits to continue.

We asked specific questions such as what time it was and we received the right response, so there are real people on this site.

You can send about 4 free messages before you are asked to upgrade and purchase credits on the site.

Army Criminal Investigation Command’s Computer Crime Investigative Unit continues to caution people to be on the lookout for sextortion scams where criminals use legitimate online dating sites to make contact with potential victims and then attempt to blackmail them.

“These criminals will try to get unsuspecting service members to engage in online sexual activities and then demand money or favors in exchange for not publicizing potentially embarrassing information or turning them over to law enforcement,” said Marc Martin, special agent-in-charge at the computer crime investigative unit’s office.

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