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Get in touch if this sounds like what your looking for , See how we go ! I'm tall, dark, well dressed, with a good sense of humour and enjoy the finer things in life.

Looking for someone that is easy going , and over previous relationships !

If you feel like giving it a try, drop me an email and lets meet for a coffee, relaxed drink or even dinner.

Obviously there are no single women in Tassie that want to meet ! I tend to be quite busy with my challenging businesses and am looking for some exciting and interesting company outside of work. Love to travel and intend making it my life's work, have a wicked sense of humour and am outrageous good fun.

Separated people need to deal with the fact that most single men and women are going to be turned off by their status. Also I recently had a guy try to date me who did end up getting back together with his wife.

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Please feel free to say what you feel about this, I welcome your opinion. You are not looking for someone to have a relationship at this time in your life, even though you think you are.Why would a woman invest her time into a no-win situation?The only exception would be if you declared you just wanted sex, because that is all you really are offering at this point in your life.Separation is the time to make sure that divorce is the right thing to do, but it means not having someone to talk too or share your life with, and nobody likes that.I understand that people have different ideas on relationships, and I respect the differences, but to say that I am not enbtitled to meet someone, build a relationship, and have happiness is wrong to me, how about you?I know that in some cases separated people do get back my case there is no doubt about a divorce happening, and I do not hide that fact when I talk with people.My question to all is this: Why do people see separated men and women as people who they would not talk with or date, and never try to build a relationship with?Please feel free to say what you feel about this, I welcome your opinion.Because they're still married and even worse have emotional and legal attachments to their (possible) future ex. Personally I have dated men claimed to be separated and really weren't.Well you're by no means alone as separated men feel exactly the same way. Going through a separation is by no means an easy task and "getting back on the saddle" so to speak is definately one of the hardest things to contemplate which is why Spice of Life Online Dating has came to the rescue for thousands of men who are separated to ease back into the dating scene.

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  1. You will be able to set up your own personal profile the way you want it by adding photos, information and state what you are looking for in a sex partner.