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“Our democracy in many regards is at stake.” By the last count almost 400 women were planning to run in this year's midterm elections in the US, the most ever.

Some will be weeded out in the primary elections, which in Texas are only seven weeks away, where no fewer than 50 women hope to make it all the way to Washington.

Encouraging them have been groups dedicated to helping and funding women to run for office, at national and at state levels, such as Emily’s List in Washington DC, which specifically offers support to Democratic women willing to stand up for abortion rights.

In the two years leading up to the 2016 cycle, it received enquiries from 920 women interested in maybe taking the plunge.

If the Democrats find a way to dominate with female voters that would be a big problem for Republicans but I don’t see any evidence of that at this point.” That women meant to be a main engine of the anti-Trump resistance became clear the day after his inauguration when half a million joined the Women’s March on Washington to protest his agenda.Just as Ms Escobar hopes to be the first Latina member of Congress from Texas, she hopes to be the first out LGBTQ member.A wider revolt among women was inevitable, says Ms Ortiz Jones.Volunteering as a road-crossing guard was Ms Jones.With an important job as trade advisor inside the Executive Office of the President, she was already struggling to come to terms with the fact that Barack Obama was no longer her employer. She lasted until June when she did a “gut check” on herself and left.“Never in our wildest imaginings could we have foreseen that the President of the United States, a country that was based on immigration, would be talking about s***hole countries,” she says.“No, I could not have imagined that.” She also came to feel that he was attacking people who are her own, including immigrants — she was raised by single mother who came to the US from the Philippines – and also the LGBTQ community.At Geogeske, a sleeker lunch spot close to the heart of El Paso, Ms Escobar agreed she could have stayed in her old position – and in her comfort zone.But she was moved to run, she says, because of “this terrifying fear of Donald Trump and what he is going to do to our country”.“The oppressed and the marginalised are rising up against the empire! I own my home I own 3 vechicles I have one kid who comes before everything. So with that being said if u ain’t got a job r can’t meet me halfway across the table or we can’t eat together and build a empire I’m not your guy.

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