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I get asked a lot about marks that end up being import marks. Magnum Research has always been an importer, as their primary product line is actually made in Israel.Weapons made outside the US must be imported, and stamped with the importer company name and location. They have, over the years, imported other things as they come up, but usually do not advertise under their own name in any way.These are used on the 28/30/31 series, and are always used. Sometimes, these are not used, so the model number for the Firestar Plus has no K suffix, to designate that it is alloy framed.Once you find the model, you can look up which series it is in and go to the relevant page on the table here.I know of only some of the definitions; I and N mean a caliber change from the basic version, S means that they are updated to include a magazine safety and K means an aluminum frame.There are others as well, but some have various meanings, such as D where on the PD it seems to mean "small," and on the MD it means "fully-automatic." Very confusing.I know of the Super designation appearing alone on model A and B pistols, but it can be on others as well.

Models A and B, for example, are confusingly similar, but are (apparently) differentiated by caliber. Some are not at all clear, but the ones I know are listed here.You probably see a swinger everyday, only you don't see them.Chances are that your neighbor, an associate at work or even a family member is a swinger.US importers include Interarms and CAI (I will add others as I recall them). If you are trying to buy one, they can be useful, as many people will post the gun for sale as being made by Interarms, and so on.Location can be as little as city and state, or even odd abbreviations; American Arms has always just stamped "NKC" to mean "North Kansas City, Missouri." The main U. importers of new, commercial sale Stars were the Garcia Corp. Another confusion comes up sometimes in caliber markings being confused with weapon names.Patronen '08 is a way of saying "the cartridges that fit in the model 1908 pistol." The Pistol '08 is the Luger, and more recently the cartridge that fits it is called the 9 mm Luger, or Parabellum.These are all the year coded, Spanish government issue pistols, like the Model 1922 and Model 1940.Some will clearly be these, as they will carry appropriate crests, or military acceptance stamps.Up thru the 50s at least, a number of Stars in 9 mm had the chamber hoods stamped P'08 or something similar. The German-issued Star Pistols were only made from 1942-44, should have the last three digits of the serial on all major components, and may have German Army and/or Nazi proofmarks.Identification of this weapons continues to be problematic.

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