Lesbian dating in arbon valley idaho

For instance, was there any job that you wanted that you were not able to have?Idaho: Oh, yes; I knew what that was like to be rejected based on your color.Well, when you're in the stock room where you're in all the merchandise and know where everything is; that makes you pretty important I guess to management.

So if you went to the movies on a Saturday and if you were not there early to occupy one of those seats in those six rows on the left side…it mattered not how many empty seats were anywhere else in this theatre, you could not sit anywhere, but in those designated seats.

For many years I worked at SH Crest, a 5 and 10 store.

I did every job in the establishment; I worked there 14 years.

I've always been aware of segregation because I feel it's morally wrong and I feel it's something that has been a detriment to this country, because so many people that's qualified don't get an opportunity to, to you know reach their potential.

You couldn't buy a house in certain places and there's very few restaurants that you could eat at that would serve African-American people…the same was meant for the Mexican- American and Native Americans, who was (sic) treated the shabbiest of all.

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