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“Doctor Match tool is a natural extension of our efforts to help consumers find the right doctor because a positive relationship with a doctor leads to positive health outcomes,” said Highmark spokesman Aaron Billger. Reach him at 412-320-7991, [email protected] via Twitter at @Bencschmitt. Tina’s “Dr Romance Blog” for information and a link to the blog. Happiness Tips From Tina: An archive of practical how-to’s for making your life happier and healthier. Individual and Couple Therapy In my psychotherapy practice as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I welcome the opportunity to use my skills to help enhance your existing lifestyle, and to teach you the process for getting the very best out of your life. Bestselling Self-Help Books As the author of fifteen books, published in many languages, my goal is to give you the information you need to create the life you want. Romance on ”How to Be a Couple and Still be Free” Stay Happily Married podcast • "Ask the Cyber Dating Expert" Blogtalk Radio show: • The 3 Things That Can Ruin Your Marriage - Podcast • Amazon Author Page • Divorce360: Dr.I’m the girl at the cocktail party cornered with a guest or two, enjoying a meandering conversation about the nuance of language choices in the latest State of the Union. Entering the hotel ballroom, I — along with dozens like me — was assigned a table, where I was greeted by a (at this point, a quite welcome) bottle of wine and list of names. By the time the night came to a close, I was left feeling exhausted and disengaged.When the buzzer sounded, a man sat down, with whom I had exactly ten minutes to chat before another buzzer cued the next prospect. The next morning, I woke early for my annual physical. By the time the appointment came to a close, I was exhausted and disengaged.

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Patients looking for a new primary care physician or ob/gyn can use Doctor Match to link up with one of more than 700 participating doctors within 10 miles of their home.Entering the clinic, I was welcomed by the receptionist and directed to take a seat. — soon summoned me to the back, where she asked a few questions, took my blood pressure, and left me to disrobe. ” She left, then returned with Rebecca — or maybe it was Rachel? And then, laying on the table, it hit me: I’m speed dating my doctor. And aside from a few instructions offered, there was no connection. Even more striking to me, as I reflected on that realization, was that if I was left feeling that detached after just an hour, how must it feel for my provider?Within minutes, another member of the care team — oh, what was his name? Five minutes with one nameless member of the care team and then six with another. No exchange of dialogue that indicated I’d been heard. Day after day, increasingly focused on data entry over deep engagement. It’s dehumanizing – this series of interactions – eyes on computers and names lost in shuffles. So to the docs out there this Valentine’s Day: I’m a single, white, female looking for a connection.This is because they wanted you to believe in them when in reality they were really just setting their traps.Psychopaths are experts at blending into whatever crowd they're around, like a chameleon.Consumers who visit Dr Match will be able to fill out a 10-minute survey that measures things ranging from a person's preference for alternative medicine to their taste for a doctor who's friendly and talkative.Here's an example: “Which one describes you most?He said Highmark created a proprietary algorithm for the tool, believed to the first of its kind.Highmark cited a Pew Research Center poll that shows 50 million American adults today who have tried online dating sites or mobile dating apps.Charles De Shazer, chief medical officer for Highmark.“Technology such as the internet and mobile apps can help us to be more social and make it easier to meet people, even doctors.” De Shazer told the Tribune-Review on Wednesday that Highmark and AHN believe compatibility between patient and doctor builds trust and a longstanding relationship.

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