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Addison investigates, like a Hardy Boy out of his depth. Production: A Stage 6 Films, Vertical Entertainment release of a Back Bicycle Entertainment, Lotus Entertainment production.

He tries to talk to the cops, and to raise the issue at a “healing” school assembly, but no one wants to listen.

It’s as if the world is in on a conspiracy, and a racist one, since the presumption of gang violence is based on the fact that Kevin was black.

Elgort and Moretz play Addison and Phoebewho transition into being more than friends when she asks him if they can lose their virginity together, all as a strictly practical warm-up for college. All of this sounds like the plot of a bigger-budgeted teen potboiler entitled something like “First Time’s the Charm” — but, in fact, it’s got nothing to do with anything.

The two go through the motions of lovemaking as if it were a science experiment, but the joke is that — shucks! “November Criminals” gets rolling when the two wander into a boutique coffee shop, where Addison’s buddy Kevin (Jared Kemp) works as a barista (they’re literary hipsters who exchange talk about “The Aeneid” and James Baldwin), and minutes later a dude drives up on a motorcycle and enters the shop, where he kills Kevin at point-blank range.

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