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In addition, leading companies like Jet Blue, Lego and Intuit use Whitepages to help prevent fraudulent transactions while delivering great online experiences.The Wall Street Journal recently carried a (now somewhat infamous in CSR circles) piece by Aneel Karnani, associate professor of strategy at the University of Michigan’s School of Business. Now he has turned his attention to an attack against corporate social responsibility generally.This is why, through history, businesses have often supported education.They understood easily and intuitively that if people were generally better educated, it would pay dividends for them when they were recruiting into the workforce.Those that see opportunities to make their products serve their customers well and benefit society will generally do well if they execute effectively. These are life support systems for the business, they are not unnecessary distractions.Profit maximisation as a strategy has been historically poor in actually delivering profit. Few businesses will thrive as little islands of prosperity alone in a sea of deprivation.But that was not clear before they took the commitment. They found the way to make it work to the benefit of the business. Mallen was formerly the development director with Business in the Community, and was a board member of CSR Europe 2006 - 2008.

The case (Dodge vs Ford) was won – and serves as the origin of he logic over profit maximisation in the first place.

I have seen no shareholders attacks on, for instance, Marks & Spencer for adopting a highly ambitious ‘Plan A’ programme prompted by climate change.

The company’s board reviewed Al Gore’s presentation on An Inconvenient Truth, and came to the conclusion that business in the next decades would have to evolve radically to meet the new demands that would emerge from our fast-changing world.

So, on that basis, those companies like Anglo American who gave AIDS support to their workforce, their families and local communities at a time when the South African government was officially in denial about the disease – these companies were going beyond their brief.

And when Hurricane Katrina ripped through New Orleans, Wal-Mart hould have sat on its hands and nursed its profits, not mobilised its logistical network to the benefit of the country on the basis that it had a better position to do so than did the federal government.

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