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He says these techniques teach men understand women more so their motivations and psychology should enable them to date women successfully.The current version of Ross’s “Speed Seduction”, focuses on the techniques of moving “energy” through the body practice of magick.It also focused on techniques to help men feel more confident around women, as this makes them attractive to women.Things which men are taught to convey include self confidence, connection, intrigue, and attraction among others.I don't drink coffee, but if I did, I would have spilled my cup when I found out that Ross Jeffries, the "genius" behind Speed Seduction, has started his own anti-pickup community blog, aptly named He should have taken a page out of the book of Love Systems, PUA Training, Real Social Dynamics and others.Point in case: if you write fake reviews and testimonials, then at least use different aliases.Guests include top experts chosen for their years and depth of real-life experience and success, their extreme lifestyles teaching what's possible, or scientific rigor such as academics and researchers.

Surely he would not have to resort to such means if his "business" would run well.Jeffries build the seduction community through his contributions in online posts, and he was the first in the dating industry to create a website and usenet newsgroup.Has also published books, CD’s and conducted seminars on dating and self-empowerment for men.The man can remind a woman of these emotional states by his appearance or touch.Let us look at NLP, the origin of Ross’s seduction ideas. It focuses on attitude and mindset that leaves behind it a trail of techniques.“Speed Seduction” borrows ideas from NLP techniques to help a man have the right words and phrases that gives a woman positive state of mind.The beginner versions of “Speed Seduction” focused on empowerment beliefs about women; that they should enjoy sex, which should not be supplicated to them.Learn these skills inside - taking practical tips and techniques away each week and applying them to your life - episode by episode.[fimage] Ross Jeffries is the founder, creator and Master Teacher of Speed Seduction.If you are thick or only found one guy who was dumb enough to work for free for you, then the fact that all the testimonials use similar language patterns will still give you away.Just look at this priceless post by an RSD Intern who has the solution for all your problems in life.

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