Updating hp mediasmart

Performing the Server Recovery In order to get the 3.0 software onto your Media Smart Server, you must perform a Server Recovery.

This process replaces the Windows Home Server operating system on the System Drive of your server with an updated version that includes the HP 3.0 software.

EX470 and EX475 Software Update Guide (right-click and Save-As) EX485 and EX487 Software Update Guide (right-click and Save-As) Backing Up Your Data While the Server Recovery process is generally quite safe, HP recommends that you back up your data from your Windows Home Server prior to performing the 3.0 update.

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These guides cover the new features available in the 3.0 software, explain what features you will lose from the 1.3 or 2.5 versions, and of course provide step by step instructions on how to perform the upgrade.

The guides are also included on the upgrade disks, but I’m providing these copies with the permission of HP to give you a chance to review them prior to performing the update.

If you have too much data on your server to fully back it up, you may want to carefully consider if performing this upgrade is the right thing for you to do.

With those warnings, I’ll state that I performed an upgrade on both the EX475 and EX487 with no issues and all my data remained intact.

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