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In less than 5 years, he took in over 0 million in investment money from private individual investors.

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I can’t help wonder (assuming she had other family) what they must be thinking?Often, these “shoppers” would make either large purchases of gift cards from the Target Department store, where they were assisted by other co-conspirators who were Target employees.These co-conspirators overrode Target’s internal security controls, or would purchase other goods and services utilizing counterfeit Florida Driver’s licenses in conjunction with the stolen credit cards.Using these stolen identities, Hardison, Rainey, and Collins participated in multiple closings on these properties.At the closing on the Indian Hills home, they attempted to obtain a loan in the amount of approximately 3,000.Ultimately, the scheme’s participants were responsible for fraud losses in excess of 0,000.Keep in mind, an indictment is not a finding of guilt and all are presumed innocent until found guilty.Now, let me state that while four months in prison seems insignificant – it is not.This former Human Resources person is now a convicted felon and is facing a huge fine along with the discomfort of prison. D., the former CEO of Inter Mune, Inc., was indicted on wire fraud and felony Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act charges for his role in the creation and dissemination of false and misleading information about the efficacy of Inter Mune’s drug Actimmune (Interferon gamma-1b) as a treatment for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.The full press release from the US Attorneys office is here.While an indictment is not guilt – this is one doctor whose passion for “good” may have been overwhelmed by “greed.” Atlanta, Georgia: 12 years in federal prison and million in restitution is what Travis E.

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