Who is shaun white dating now

He was having a lot of girlfriends in past, last time he was in romantic relation with modern celebrity known to be .From four years he has been dating this beautiful lady.The two-time American gold medalist has an exciting career full of awesome commercials, interesting sponsors, and of course, epic flips and tricks in the snow. Someone this talented, charismatic, nice, and interesting doesn't just stay single Though we're sure he's had his fair share of partying days like any extreme athlete would, White is actually in a long-term relationship.Now, fans just have one question: Is Shaun White single? His girlfriend's name is Sarah Barthel, and she's badass as hell.She also recently had an interview with Yup, same person.

It’s always not the best scenario to hit your face, but it was more alarming than anything.

Thanks @beatsbydre for bringing me into the family.

#Normalis Boring #1of1 #Rock NRoll A post shared by Shaun White (@shaunwhite) on about the October incident in which he took a bad crash while training in New Zealand.

Winning is great, but it’s the tough times that truly define you.

I took a slam while training the other day, but don’t worry I’ll be back soon and better than ever!!

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