Error updating file from update server

Ive even formatted the server and re-installed server 2003 and then updated, and the second time i tried i got the same error.

The machine goes through a proxy server Theres nothing in the host file about update.I tried the proxycfg -d stuff i tried using the fix it on the support site both default mode and aggressive Anyone got any ideas for me?

Once a server is in production, it's a good idea to make as few changes to the server as is practical.

However, there may be times when your solution vendor advises you that there is a critically important firmware update for your drives.

Contact your solution vendor for info about whether your hardware supports Windows updating the drive firmware.

Server Dell R300 Windows server 2003 sp2 I updated the server through update.roughly 84 updates were installed then i rebooted the machine I then tried to update the server again and i get the error code 0x80072EFE I know its [connection aborted] but i cant figure out why i uninstalled nearly all of the updates and re-tried to update and it did back to square 1, same error.

We have observed update times range from fewer than 5 seconds to more than 30 seconds.

This drive performed the firmware update within ~5.8 seconds, as shown here: Measure-Command Days : 0 Hours : 0 Minutes : 0 Seconds : 5 Milliseconds : 791 Ticks : 57913910 Total Days : 6.70299884259259E-05 Total Hours : 0.00160871972222222 Total Minutes : 0.0965231833333333 Total Seconds : 5.791391 Total Milliseconds : 5791.391 Before placing a server into production, we highly recommend updating the firmware of your drives to the firmware recommended by the hardware vendor or OEM that sold and supports your solution (storage enclosures, drives, and servers).

The drive will first load the new firmware image to an internal staging area. This means that this drive serves no data during the activation.

An application accessing data on this drive would have to wait for a response until the firmware activation completes.

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