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The fierce physical terrain, combined with surrounding lawlessness and violence, have protected this area for centuries. Today the profession has reacted against this dark history and tried to make fundamental changes in the way they conduct fieldwork and work with local people.I might add that the expedition chronicled in my book had 12 Ph D scientists on it, including three top archaeologists.Expect twinks, jocks and regular guys, most stroking their uncut cocks, some sucking and fucking. In 2015, Preston had been part of an expedition to Honduras that located an unexplored city deep in the rain forests of the country, one that belonged to an as-of-yet unknown civilization.We spoke with Douglas Preston about the city and the research that he has recounted in his about a long-lost Honduran civilization that was recently discovered.

It's fascinating how impenetrable this part of the world is.

As the book shows, our LIDAR survey turned up not one but two lost cities, and the second one — as large as the core of Copan — has not been explored at all.

While doing aerial reconnaissance of Mosquitia, back in 2012, our expedition team spied gigantic sinkholes and monumental cave openings in an exceedingly remote area of rugged karst topography east of the Patuca River, near the Nicaraguan border.

Because the ancient inhabitants of the region buried their dead in caves, these caverns likely hide major necropolises, ossuaries, and other archaeological treasures.

It has been alleged that during the Contra war people were thrown out of helicopters into these gaping sinkholes, so there may be more awaiting the explorer than prehistoric burials.

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