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Therefore, a transfer of an interest will result in changes to the shares of income (or loss) to be allocated to the involved members, effective as of the date of transfer.Oftentimes, the documentation for such a transfer does not get completed until after the date the transfer occurred.What is not advisable is to date an agreement as being signed on a date that is earlier than the date of actual signing.-To be effective, a retroactive effective date must be allowable under applicable state law.In the case, the Tax Court noted that this was the case in Georgia, the state involved.-The purpose of the retroactive dating cannot be to obtain an unwarranted tax benefit.

These include:-impermissible "backdating" generally involves an effort to make it appear that the document in question was executed on a date prior to its actual execution date; there is an effort to mislead the reader.Therefore, if this is the case, it would probably be helpful to recite this in the documentation.Lawyers who were trained in commonwealth jurisdictions may have an ingrained concept that backdating a document is generally improper, if not illegal.Therefore, the documentation will often indicate a date the documents are signed, and a retroactive "effective date" for the transfer.In the case mentioned above, the taxpayers had such a retroactive effective date.In a written statement, Wells Fargo says it is “troubled” by the court’s conclusions and plans to review the circumstances of the case.Such document issues are arising with some regularity, the newspaper points out, exacerbated by the flood of foreclosure actions over the mortgage meltdown and the ownership confusion created by the common practice, in recent years, of securitizing bundled packages of mortgages into fractional interests sold—and sometimes resold—to multiple investors.Therefore, if one is seeking a retroactive effective date for tax purposes, the first requirement is that the document be above board as to what is going on.Thus, showing the true date the agreement is signed, along with an earlier "effective as of" clause, is advisable.However, they did not report their ownership as being changed as of the retroactive effective date in filing their tax returns.The IRS sought to apply the retroactive date – and the taxpayers argued that such a retroactive date would be an unenforceable backdating of a document and should be ignored. It is interesting that this is the opposite of what you would expect – normally it is the taxpayer that wants to use the prior effective date and the IRS seeking to ignore it.

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