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It takes quite a long time to talk about these kinds of things in traditional dating, if ever. And in a world where problems with chastity are widespread even among Catholics, this concept of "letter writing" is truly an old way of forming relationships that has become new again.Q: What special issues do modern Catholics face in dating and finding a spouse?How have these issues changed since, say, their parents' generation?Buono: There are many, but the two main issues are: You can't be sure people who say they are "Catholic" are truly Catholic; and the world is small, busy and very affluent, people are very mobile, and the concept of the "community" has been dismantled.

There are great advantages to using the Internet to find the right person, but most sites fall short of taking advantage of the opportunity.

Our service differs from a typical dating service because we bring up a lot of core issues that are important in building good, strong, healthy families.

It's not just about the personal needs of one person who seeks another. And our service is only interested in getting a person married, not just being single and finding other singles.

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