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This replays the chat alongside the stream exactly as it appeared when the stream was live.

Live chat replay is enabled by default on all of your live streams.

Live chat is enabled by default and will appear to the right of the video player when your live stream is active.

After your live stream ends, viewers will see a replay of live chat when they watch the stream archive.

The Live chat module only exists on the You Tube watch pages — it does not follow embedded players. Viewers can choose between two views of Live chat at any time.

Note: Chat replay is only available on new live streams.

If you choose to opt in, live chat messages that our system identifies will be held for review in the chat feed.

You have the final decision whether to show or hide these chat messages.

No system is perfect, but this feature can make it easier for you to moderate live chat messages on your live stream.

This blocks simple spam such as long messages in all caps or repeated identical messages by the same user.

Welcome to Chat Serbia, the list of Chat Hour members in Serbia.

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