Is he moving too fast dating

You're still the same girl, and yet you're not at all.You feel forever changed by your new boyfriend and the positive influence he's had on your life, and when that happens, you jump right in.

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You were seriously thinking that you would never, ever meet someone who was right for you, and it seems like he appeared just in time.You never thought you would feel this way about someone, but now you finally do.And you're super confused that you ever thought being single forever was a viable option. This guy is now part of your world and you wouldn't have it any other way. If you don't turn into the most annoying person in the world, then you're not actually in love.It'll be more like, hey, you're together all the time, so you're obviously heading toward something real. Your new relationship should move fast if it's real, because your best friends will get on board immediately and fall for this guy too.They'll get over the idea that you're being nuts and not thinking clearly.-- as much as you are falling in love with your new boyfriend.Maybe in the past, you weren't sure if you were ready for a real commitment and the idea of having a serious boyfriend was kind of scary.You might have thought you loved people before this, and maybe you did.But it doesn't compare to the love you're dealing with now, and you feel super different.You don't think about the negative things that could happen, because to you, that isn't even possible. It's actually a love story that you would see in a movie, but instead of fiction, it's total reality and it's happening right here, right now.This is really the main reason that you would never want to take things slow if you're truly into your new guy. You and your boyfriend are way too excited that you have found each other to stop now.

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