Created ad bc dating system scientific dating of the ramayana and the vedas

In part 3, we look at the origin and the eventual acceptance of our modern BC-AD () dating system.You may click on the “[TOC]” links to return to the Calendar Systems Table of Contents.Still, it must have been troubling to many believers to utilize dates based upon Diocletian’s reign.Thus, the decision was made to abandon the pagan dating system and to replace it with a Christian-based structure. In his attempt to calculate the year of the Messiah’s birth, he used Bible facts such as Jesus being baptized in Tiberius’ 15th year (Lk 3:1) and that he was about 30 years old at the time (Lk ).The expansion of BC is correct, but “AD” actually is an abbreviation of the Latin .

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Even today in Japan there are three different dating systems.

Every so often, we hear someone pose the question, “If BC denotes ‘Before Christ’ and AD signifies ‘After Death’, how do we number the years between his birth and death?

” This question stems from a somewhat common misconception regarding the terms of our modern dating system.

At the time, some calendars were dated by the aforementioned AUC system (based on the founding of Rome), but in the most commonly used system, calendar years were dated from the first year of the reign of Roman Emperor Diocletian (284 AD) who ushered in the bloodiest persecution of Christians (~303-311 AD) ever sanctioned by the empire.

Diocletian's attempt to exterminate the believers failed, and Christianity even became the favored religion less than 15 years later under Emperor Constantine.

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