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College-bound students have entire dorm rooms to fill, plus any teen leaving home for the first time is sure to have tons of questions.

Try space-saving decor, productivity tools, or a compendium of practical advice.

All but a select few of these items—handpicked by our editors—retail for less than a pop.

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For all her adventures (or visits home), a stylish satchel that’s sturdy, too.

Pick something—a cozy robe, a set of cocktail glasses, or a duffel bag—to help the graduate relax or take a weekend off when he’s not pulling an all-nighter or staying late to finish that sales presentation.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get the grad something useful, either.

To ensure she gets enough shut-eye after those late nights in the library, consider pairing this gift with an ultra-soft pillow or two. Graduation was fun and the four years that preceded it were even more fun…

but once the commencement ceremony is over, graduating can feel like a really scary leap into the unknown.

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