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Slender Man has become the most influential internet legend of all time, so much that he lurked into the woods of our subconscious and inspired real life attempted murder.For those unaware, two girls repeatedly stabbed another child in Wisconsin, saying they were forced to do so by Slender Man. Hey, at least it doesn’t ruin the entire plot of the movie like seemingly every other trailer.Probably not the best idea to centre a trailer around several young girls then, really. There are eternal optimists, and then are those who think Slender Man could be a bit. If nothing else, it could be a decent ironic watch. I just hope it uses Noface sparingly, and that it doesn't just use unintentional jumpscares.However, after bailing his cousin Mikey (Katt Williams) out of jail, the car appears to be a rental based on the piece of paper attached to the key in the ignition.See more » Here goes the story MASTER-P went into the club hit on some waitresses/slash models and told them he could make them stars he's got a movie for them right now.No one is exactly pleased with that decision…The #Slender Man #Slender Man Movie trailer...1. It's incredibly distasteful for @Sony to make a movie featuring Slenderman & stabbings when 2 girls in real life just were sentenced for stabbing a peer because they believed in Slenderman.4 January 2018Away from that, there’s also the issue of Slender Man pre-dating the tragedy entirely and, frankly, being a bit old hat (and suit and tie). Think The Room with fewer spoons and more eyeball mutilations. There are stock images a-plenty and it’s giving off a serious school project vibe, which a lot of people have picked up on., and what elevated that film was honest, sometimes painful storytelling.If Doremus can exercise the kind of care and restraint he did in his debut, we might finally have a worthy modern romance movie.Now, years after two 12-year-old girls lured a friend into the woods and attempted to stab her to death in Slender Man's name, the faceless figure in a black suit will be haunting the big screen!Video: Dakota Johnson Learns She's PREGNANT In on Wednesday, which promises to unsettle audiences as much as the man himself when it opens on May 18.

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