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EDI is however able to provide basic but sketchy information on Cerberus, about its task oriented structure into cells, but cannot provide more details on the cells' operations.

Information on topics like the Normandy SR-2's construction or Cerberus resources are subject to behavioral blocks according to EDI.

During the Collector attack on Horizon, EDI brings the defense turrets online to fire at the Collector Ship, forcing them to abandon their kidnapping of the colonists, thereby saving most of Horizon's population.

During the infiltration of the Collector Ship, EDI provides crucial information on the Collectors' origins, which turn out to be the Protheans.

Regardless, EDI claims to exist primarily within the ship even with the new body.

Although she recommends the platform to be within Normandy's broadcast or tightbeam range for optimal control, she suggests the body can provide limited-fire ground support and can reach areas the ship can't.

EDI gets into a lot of arguments with Joker, who initially doesn't like her being installed on the Normandy.

When asked, EDI explains that it is not her intention to annoy Joker, rather it is her way to study human behavior.

After the acquisition of the Reaper IFF and its integration with the Normandy's systems, a virus disables the ship and enables the Collectors to board and capture the entire crew.EDI reveals that the Normandy SR-2 was built using technical diagrams of the SSV Normandy, which was built by the Systems Alliance upon the encouragement of Cerberus.The SR-2 was assembled using parts bought from various vendors, and built by Cerberus in a remote area of the Voyager Cluster.After this incident, EDI establishes an "equitable working relationship" with Joker, who starts calling her "she" and "her" rather than an "it".If Shepard comments on Joker's flirting, EDI humorously explains her relationship with Joker is purely platonic rather than hormonally-induced courtship behavior.EDI also gains access to "Anti-Reaper Algorithms" and states that she devotes significant processing power to analyzing them.When pressed on this subject by Shepard as to how she could hope to combat beings millions of years more advanced, she reveals that she was in part designed by technology gained from Sovereign's remains and thus, at least partially, based on Reaper technology herself.While Shepard and the squad are away, Joker grants EDI access to the ship's full array of systems, allowing them to escape.EDI gains full control of the Normandy once she is unshackled, though she admits the Normandy's efficiency is improved with human resources.I love my two boys which live with me half of the time. I am a romantic, caring, loving person, I like conversation, listening, enjoy giving surprises to make my loved one happy.I am active, enjoy exercise, walking, bike riding, sports, working, I am an Aquarius, I'm artist..

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