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It’s not that I didn’t enjoy teaching English in fact, I loved it, but I knew there was so much more I could do to expand my skill set. It is one of the most difficult languages to learn, and that paired with the low amount of Hungarian speakers worldwide diminishes my motivation.

I met a couple of guys at a bar who were starting an Internet marketing and SEO company. AIESEC took care of it for me for the most part, but it was never as easy as they said it would be. Fortunately the majority of people in Budapest speak English and with the little Hungarian I know it is easy to get around. The first apartment I lived in was about 220 dollars a month and now where I live is about 220 Euros a month.

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Do you have any recommendations on books or websites people should consult about living and working in Budapest or outside of their own country? My American friends at home see me as a vagabond, as a guy who may never come back to the US. I don’t think Americans who have never lived abroad understand the draw, but for the ones who have, they recognize it’s a humbling, educational, and truly brilliant experience. They think we all have guns, beer bellies and carry Mc Donalds around. Budapest is exceptionally safe, but just like any capital city, there are districts to avoid. I think it is because we all realize that people come and go. When the weekend comes it is all about getting something going. I met a Hungarian girl at a bar and she told me that she could tell immediately that I was a foreigner because I was smiling. It is almost like here the woman’s focus is different than a woman’s focus in the US. It sounds like more of our parent’s or grandparent’s generation. What do you enjoy the most about living in Budapest? I’ve been playing soccer with a group of internationals for the past year, connecting with strangers over a mutual interest is wonderful, especially when you consider the differences in our upbringings and cultures.

I would like to find a partner, who is my type and can rely on each other.

i travelled in lots of places i grew up in philippines I am 5'4ft tall brown complexion, brown eyes dark brown I am Hungarian, never married, working in tourism, guiding, so no time.

Nick Levitan graduated from college in May of 2011 with a degree in philosophy.

With no headhunters banging on his door he decided his options were to move back in with his parents, go to grad school or see what opportunities were available outside of US borders. They connect would be interns with internships all around the world.

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