Validating and copying link data

As a result, the file-based integration is being phased out starting the September update to the service.

It also supports seamless cross-environment navigation. Oracle Cloud Account Administrators may relocate an environment from its current identity domain to another if the target identity domain is provisioned to the same customer account and is in the same data center.

This guide is now the primary source for completing tasks like managing users and roles, setting up single sign-on, backing up, restoring environments, etc.

The new guide replaces the following guides: The new guide for end users introduces them to the Oracle EPM Cloud, giving them enough information to use the cloud-based tool.

Getting Started with Oracle EPM Cloud for Users replaces the following guides: Effective the February 2018 (18.02) update, the Dimensions link in the Navigator will link to the Simplified Dimension Editor.

Consequently, the Classic Dimension Editor will not be supported starting with the February 2018 update to the service (February 2, 2018 for test and February 16, 2018 for production instances).

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