Dating only once a month

Whether it is another woman, or not, he definitely doesn't sound like someone who truly wants an actual relationship. It might be time to discuss both of your intentions and hopes for this relationship, with the possibility of having to move on to someone who can better full fill your needs.

My problem has been the first guy that comes along always seems to fall for me and I don't go beyond that one guy. I can still look - and I assume you are too - and maybe someone else will come along that fills the bill a little better than the first - it never hurts to keep looking. Urine said it right, If both are happy then your good to go.

(Of course, I can't keep this guy out of my head much against my own advice! But you need to be able to sit and tell him that you need to spend more time with him for one big reason.

If you can't talk to him about something so simple now what about a year down the road and something is killing you inside but you can't talk to him about it.

(He has an extremely busy job(s) at the moment - I think it is a 'feast or famine' type occupation.) Every date has been absolutely perfect. I've told him I'd like to see him more often but he said something to the effect of he 'likes alone time' and he doesn't want to see me 'every other day' - I don't want that either I told him which honestly I don't. The basic premise of a relationship is that it has both people satisfied with the arrangement.

If one of you is unhappy with the terms, it can't be a very good relationship.

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