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Sort through your products by designer (Sandro, Hermès, Chanel), by fabric (Fur, Cotton, Synthetic) or by color (White, Green, Kaki).Every day, Vestiaire Collective presents a line from several hundreds of Skirts for you.

If the reaction to Lacroix's show is anything to go by, the flamboyant designer will soon be back.The label launched insolvency proceedings in late May and looks likely to close at the end of the month. 'I can't think this is the end,' Lacroix said in a backstage interview.Lacroix blamed his financial problems on a 'lack of chemistry' between the business and creative sides of the company - which was bought from luxury giant LVMH by the Falic Group, a U. 'It's the beginning of something, I hope.' Tuesday's show was part of an effort to seduce possible backers to allow him to relaunch the haute couture line and a 'very high-end' ready-to-wear collection, as well as more accessible perfume and sunglasses collections.Discover the fashion world as you've never seen it before thanks to Vestiaire Collective.By taking advantage of prices as small as ours, it will finally be possible for you to offer yourself this model of Skirts from CHRISTIAN LACROIX while sticking to your budget.He favored the hot colors of the Mediterranean region, a hodgepodge of patterns, and experimental fabrics, sometimes handwoven in local workshops.From 1987 to its purchase from LVMH by Falic Fashion Group in 2005, the fashion house had cumulative losses of more than €44 million. Lacroix's A/W 2009 Haute Couture was privately financed by Lacroix and each model was paid €50.With his background in historical costume and clothing, Lacroix soon made headlines with his opulent, fantasy creations, including the short puffball skirt ("le pouf"), rose prints, and low décolleté necklines.He referenced widely from other styles—from fashion history (the corset and the crinoline), from folklore, and from many parts of the world—and he mixed his references in a topsy-turvy manner.A prestigious embroidery house worked for free, painstakingly applying rhinestones and tone-on-tone embroidery the label is known for; a high-end shoe brand donated the models' towering heels, and the makeup artists and hairdressers worked pro-bono. 'I must admit I was really touched because for me, he is simply the greatest,' said longtime fashion critic Isabelle Chalencon, one of many who were dabbing their eyes after the display.'It's simply not possible that a label like this one can disappear,' she added.

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