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In 2011, Alex Coulson was invited to lecture at the University of Southern California where he taught a group of 58 students about the importance of confidence in dating.

He was featured speaker at the Project Hollywood mansion (from “The Game”) and received an award for Best Videos from the Pick-up artist community.

One of the successful works of Alex Coulson is Street Dating Revealed.

He promotes his dating expertise by showing students his real videos of him picking up women.

After his university graduation, Alex spent long time traveling the world.

He learned secrets of sensual Tantric massages, old Indian techniques, ancient shamanic practices, and modern Western trends and methods.

Right from the start Alex May felt an intuitive disbelief towards socially-induced relationship paradigm he was born into and raised to believe in.

Don't get hung on petty things String the sinner by his wings In his head a brittle bone The world is full of fishes But I trust you But I trust you But I trust...

Alex May is Moscow-born and Amsterdam-based sex- and relationship specialist.

She has been the subject of feature stories in several international publications and media outlets including The New York Times, Time Out New York, The Huffington Post, and The Daily Mail.*Dr. Alex Schiller doles out hilarious yet profoundly wise dating advice in her new sex and dating manual, which will transform you into an Exceptional Individual capable of seducing everyone you meet.“My name is Dr.

Roslyn Hart) is a writer, performer, and producer, currently residing in New York City and Naples, Italy. Offer redeemable at Simon & Schuster's ebook fulfillment partner. “In order to find The One, you must become The One.” Dr. Man or woman, rich or poor, teenage or elderly—NSA will transform YOU into The One that everyone wants…” For the past three years in New York...

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